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I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.

Martha Washington


The first, First Lady, wife of President George Washington has it right, our outlooks, attitudes and dispositions determine how we will face the world. This is not a new thought; this is a thought that goes back to the creation of the human race. Adam and Eve struggled with the same issue; they too had difficulties and choices to make. Eve ate the apple because she had a bad outlook on life; the devil convinced her that life could be better, that life could be more. Her outlook was the one of deception, one of a broken nature. Adam fell in to line and bought the line that life can be more, can be better only if he took of the apple. There disposition was one of negativeness, one of a void. They felt that life was not whole that they were due more.

The outlook of the human race is one of negate, and we must work to change that inner beliefs, we must dig deep and remove the roots of negativity and learn to change our outlook on life. We must learn to see the positive in all. In these times of economic struggles and people hear despair and doom daily on TV and the radio, it is more important than ever to find the positive in the world.

Our life is ours, and we can make it what we want, and what we make it is based on how we view ourselves and the world around us. I try to live out this message daily in my life; I try to see the good in all and every event of the day.

It is easier said than done, I understand that, but that is no reason not to change. The process of positive thinking is a life changing process, on that will affect all aspects of your life.  The effort is well worth it, you will be amazed at the transformation in yourself and others around you. Positive thinking is contagious, as is negative thinking.

So tell me, would you give your child a debilitating disease? Would you wish them an illness that would darken there days here on earth, would you pass on to your co-workers a deadly virus or to your family and friends, would you wish them harm? No we would not; we only wish our family and friends the best. But we do pass on our illness to all we meet when we project a negative outlook; we pass on our disposition to all we come in contact with.

The same is for our positive outlook, we pass it on. Our smile and a good morning can change the day of whom you greeted. The opening of the door for others can open there hearts to the world. Little efforts carry big results. The power of the positive will always overshadow the power of the negative. The human condition gravitates to positive energy, we are drawn to it, yet we fight it and are determined to generate negativity, we are willing to work harder at being negative until it becomes easy to fall in to, until it becomes our nature. Why would we work so hard to be something that is disabling and life killing? Yet we find it too hard to work towards a  positive life, to live life with a heart filled with a love of life and all it offers us.


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Can one be strong and weak at the same time? Can a person be over bearing and shy? Do we have the ability to be more than one self? Can we be many persons in one person?

Before I give you response, let me start off by saying I know people who act in such a way. They are a different person depending on who they are dealing with. Sometimes they are nice and understanding and other times they can be cold and harsh. It all depends on what is in it for them. The personality changes to benefit them and to please others around them. They may be shy if that is called for or strong if they see a chance to move in.

But are they truly two different personalities? Can one person really have 2 sides? I say no, is only one personality at play here. It is one of manipulation and control. It is a personality that centers on the self. It is one controlled by the EGO.

Now before everyone starts to yell at me, yes I do understand that we all act differently in different situations. We do what is necessary and called for at that particular time. That is not what I am talking about.

People know me; they know who I am and what I am like. When I meet people for the first time, they get an idea of whom and what I am. So if, for example, I meet someone for the first time at Church, they will see a more subdued me, but still me. So if that person sees me outside of Church they will not be shocked at what I am saying or doing. They understand me. The people above that I am referring to are not like this, they act in ways that are not true to themselves, they are manipulating the situation to cast the best light on themselves or to gather what they need. If the same person were to see them outside of the situation where they met they would not recognize them as who they knew.

We all know people like this, they feed off of others, they place the world and the entire universe around them, and they are the center. I have worked with them; they are in my family and are in my circle of friends. It is a frustrating relationship to have; the closer you are to them, the more you notice the many in the one. And the more you are expected to know who is who and when they will appear. Because once again, they are the center, you just revolve around them.

Their EGO’s are huge, and acts as there gravity force, keeping all inline and revolving around them, and any person that falls out of line, no longer revolves around them are sent off in too deep space or made to crash. That is until they decide they are needed once again.

So how do we deal with this, what are we to do with such a person? It has taken me years of learning to discover the answer to that question. I have read many books and as I have stated, I know many people who fit in to this, so my life experiences has taught me a lot, but I am a slow learner, and it has taken me many years to finally understand all that I have learned. So what is one to do with a situation like this, they are to leave it, get out of its gravitational pull.

Yep it’s that simple… Sort of…

I know that it’s not easy to leave a friendship or family member behind, but if you truly wish to make a better you, the key to a new you is to dust off all that is unhealthy for you. To leave behind anything that will pull you back. Read Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “The Power of Intention” to get a deeper understanding or even the Bible, Jesus himself walks away from unhealthiness. We must surround ourselves with positive energy, not and Egocentric energy, we must align with people and things that will make us better humans, more capable of creating change not only in ourselves but in the world around us.


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How do we become so good at convincing ourselves that we can’t do something? We seem to be able to tell ourselves we can’t do something, or we are not good enough or smart enough, the list of put downs and hold backs can go on for ever. But it seems we have few word of encouragement to offer ourselves.


It’s a learnt trait; society teaches us that if we talk ourselves up, we are big headed, to full of ourselves and just plain not fun to be around.


 To some extent that is true, there is a fine line between confidence and being conceded. I am not talking about the extremes; I am talking about a healthy relationship with your inner self.


We all have ambitions in life, we all want to achieve something great, but very few of us do so. What makes the achievers different then the non-achievers? In a word, outlook, there out look on life makes all the difference.


If out outlook on life is positive, we will believe in ourselves, our inner space will be content and feel as if it can accomplish anything. The words of the outside world mean very little to a person who is content with the inner self.


The ability to filter through the negative world is an innate ability, one that we have seemed to have lost over the years. Children have this ability, which is why we say children are resilient; they have the ability to “bounce” back, the ability to filter out negative input.


Case and point, most children, if left to their own devices, will work through any negative environment, such as a funeral. Sit and watch them, if you ever get the chance, and see them smiling and playing, enjoying life. They have created a reality of happiness, of positiveness  . Yes they feel sorrow, but they also know life goes on, they have an inner knowledge that they still exists. They can filter through the negative inputs and process them as positiveness  ; an ability that we as adults seem to have lost.


The outlook of a child, for the most part, is positive, even in the worst environments. Studies have been preformed and the outcome of each study is consistent, children in poverty find, and or create an internment of contentment, one of positiveness. They work there environment to there advantage.


Please do not miss understand me, I am not suggesting that the environment has no effect on them in a negative way, because we know it does, and we have studies that also prove that point. What I am trying to establish is that we, as humans have an innate ability to deal with and process negative environments in to positive outlooks. That the human race was created to survive, and to prosper, but somewhere along they way, as we have grown up as a human race, we have lost it.


It is by no mistake that Jesus tells us to be as children if we wish to enter in to the kingdom, Jesus knows that the heart mind and soul of a child is still pure, able to process and see the good in all, including the good in self.


If I was to venture a guess as to why or how we have lost this innate ability, I would have to say it is because as the human race has grown, and life has become easier, we have grown softer.


Many articles have been written about this very topic, in the UK they have even gone as far as to create a government task force to look in to how we have “soften” or kids, how we are creating a generation of youth that will not be able to deal with stress or negative forces in life. The over protecting of our youth has gone to extremes of sheltering them.


Some examples of this are:

  •  In some US schools kick ball has been band, because some kids will lose, and they are afraid of damaging the child’s psyche
  • In Australia Santa can no longer say “HoHoHo” because it is a negative term for woman, he must now say “HaHaHa”
  • In the UK hanging plants are no longer allowed in some towns, for fear they might fall and hit someone, or someone may run in to them


The list can be endless, but the UK has not formed a government office to look in to the hundreds of laws create to protect there children. They have, based on research, and discovered that they are creating whole generations of “scared” children. Non risk takers, and for a society, and the human race as a whole, this is a very dangerous and scary prospect.  


Risk taking is an important part of growing up, and an important part of creating that positive outlook on life that we as adults seem to lack.


We need to relearn how to look inside of ourselves, to find the magic spot in our being, that one spot that tells us “YES YOU CAN”. We need to rediscover out youthful positive outlook, and tap back in to it.


If we desire to leave our children and our grandchildren in a world full of possibilities, we need to see them for ourselves. We can not leave behind that which we do not have. We can not see the world as negative, nor see ourselves as such, and expect our children to learn any different.


The human race has the ability to create an environment that fosters positiveness, one that allows risk, and even encourages them. We are resilient people, created from goodness, and created for goodness; we just seem to have forgotten that.


So the next time you tell yourself “I can’t do this” remember you are not just telling yourself that, but you are tell the future generations that they can not do it either.

We leave behind our legacy by what we do and what we don’t do. So choose wisely, and consider the ramifications of your actions and your inactions. Choose to leave behind positive and uplifting energy rather then negative and putdown energy.


It starts with you! So make today the first day of “Yes I Can” and “Yes I will”



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Create the world you dream of lining in… We hear this all to often as a quick fix selling point to numerous talks and workshops, along with things like change your life in 30 seconds, or a better you in 10 days.


They all sound good and most really sound to good to be true, and they most likely are. Nothing happens over night, you did not become who you are over night, it took years of growing, positive or negative growth, but either way it was growing in some fashion.


Most of us probably bit a little bit of both, we grew positive and negative at the same time, the question is, what did we do the most? If we where equal in the negative and positive, then we would have experienced no growth, and I really don’t think that happens, ever, I think there is always a dominate one, one value that will be a tad bit stronger then the other, one condition that overrides the other.


Now the true question is what one governs your life, the positive or the negative? Are you ½ full or ½ empty, do you see everything as bad or as a good?


This question truly can transform your life, how you respond to everyday events, large or small will determine how you see you’re over all life. Do you see everything as a negative, if so, your life will always be a step back, or do you se life as a positive, a step forward?


In truth both will always exist in your life, there always times of darkness, times of negitiveness, but what is the overall condition, what do you allow in to your world the most?


By changing your view of event and action in your life, you will change your life, by seeing the positiveness in life; you will create positive responses and actions.


It’s a slow process, like any change, it takes time, and hard work, but it is a response you can train in yourself, a reaction that you can practice. You need to feel the positiveness in your being; you need to feel the growth in your soul. You need to own the energy that flows from the action of postiveness.


Look at life from fresh prospective, see things in a new light, and know that your actions play a direct roll in the outcome of the overall event. The outcome may be the same, but the reaction and growth will be a step in the right direction.


Creating the world you dream of does not mean the world will all go your way, but rather it allows you to live in the world and be effected by and effect the world in a positive way that allows not only you the ability to grow, but also offers that same ability to others that where effected by your reaction to the action.


Change is hard, it is a slow process, one that takes a lot of work, but the process is invigorating and can lead to great strides in your personal growth, but only if you see it in that light, only if you allow the positivenss of it to shape you and consume you.


Start today, and watch yourself being transformed in to the person you dream of being, living in the world you have created.



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