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My partner and I had a meeting yesterday with a local priest; we are trying to put together a conference for the spring of 09 for 6th 7th and 8th graders. We would like to schedule the conformance for the spring of 09, and we want this priest to be our keynote speaker, and to host the event at his parish. The meeting was short and sweet, in and out in less than a ½ hour, my kind of meeting.

I would see Jesus has having a short meeting, get to the point, discuses the business at hand, and call it good. Time is important, and to waste it seems silly to me. And sitting in a meeting talking about your kids or how your dog is doing is a waste, save it for after the meeting. If you really want that other person to know about your kids or dog, invite them out for a drink, and then talk it up all you want.

I am not really in to “Social” meetings…  You know what I’m talking about, meeting that are set up to also be social events. They take more time and really serve no purpose. Sure you may chit chat about the family, but if I want to do that I would do it before or after the meeting. Once again time is of great value, and to ask more of it for no real value seems silly to me.

Please note, this is my opinion, not in any way do I state it as a fact. I know that many people like and even prefer “social” meetings. But I do not. I would rather you call it what it is; it’s more a networking opportunity, with in your group or organization. In truth less gets accomplished because the “social” aspect takes over, and in some cases that is fine, that’s what is needed or wanted, but once again call it what it is, a social event or a networking event.

I have attended many networking events, and they are okay, for what they are. Some people love them, I am not one of the “lovers” of networking events, but I do see and understand the value of them. They are not meetings, nor do they pretend to be one.

Back to the meeting my partner and I had yesterday, it was good, short and to the point, as I have already stated. Father asked very few questions but gave very direct responses to our request. We didn’t get any yes I will’s on No I won’ts but we did get direct responses of who to contact and what needs to happen. We event laughed and had a moment of pleasant conversation. It was a perfect meeting.

In this day and age of planners and scheduling “Play Dates” (God how I hate that term), it seems people want to use the time allotted for meetings as a “social event” a time to chit chat and make new friends. Meetings are not, nor should they be, used as anyone’s personal tea party or social network site. Meetings have agendas and task that must be covered. They should be covered and the meeting should end. Everyone appreciates a meeting ending prior to the scheduled time, or at least everyone should.

Time is of great value, we have only 24 hours in a day and each hour is irreplaceable, meetings are just that, meetings, they are not “Social” events, nor should they be.


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