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Delays and roadblocks are a part of life. We have to deal with them in all that we do. Delays at work, but we still must meet the deadline, roadblocks to getting the new house or remodeling the old.


Sometimes it feels like that’s all we have to deal with, like we spend more time walking around a roadblock, or catching up from a delay then we do actually doing the job at hand.


And to some degree that is true, but how we look at them makes all the difference in the world.


At my present job, I am constantly delayed, due to software or hardware issues, but my due date never moves, it is the only constant.  I can choose to see this as an annoyance, or an opportunity. In truth, sometimes it is both, but it’s the opportunity I want to focus on.


Delays and roadblocks can cause you frustrations, but they also can push you to your limits, and challenge you to out perform yourself. Make you think outside the box, and allow you to attempt things you would have never thought of before. This to me is the exciting part about roadblocks and delays.


Sure, I could choose to use them as a reason not to get my work done, but in the end that only hurts me, and my reputation. By choosing to see them as a challenge, a way to stretch my ability, and an opportunity to think outside the box, I am personally growing, and potentially creating something very new, exciting and different.


Sameness builds in to itself sameness. So the opportunities that road blocks and delays offer are wide and veered. In my own experiences, some of the best things I have created have been out of frustration due to time constraints because of delays and roadblocks.


I have had many in my current job, and have one now, I know I will be frustrated and a little annoyed, but in the end, I will use that energy to create something new and exciting, something I will be proud of.


In the end, it’s all how you decide to handle the roadblocks and delays they can be a blessing or a curse, how do you want them to be for you?



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