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You ever get in to the work groove, you know, the one where everything seems to come together for you. You’re just hitting the mark, every word you utter is golden and every idea is head on. I love that feeling, and every now and then I get it. So the question is, how do you keep it.

Well truth be told, I really don’t think your suppose to keep it. I thing finding the grove is all part of the process of creation. If we were always in the groove, how would we know it?

You look at writers like Stephen King, I am sure he has many stories that we will never publish because they just are not that good. But all we see are the ones that are good, and a few that are in the groove. A few that hit the mark and you can tell he just loved the process.

I love when that happens to me, now I am not Stephen King, but he’s not me either. We all have a groove; we all have marks to hit.  And when we do hit them, it’s a grand feeling!

I am currently in the process of editing a few books that my partner and I wrote. It’s a series of middle school religious education books, in this process I am also creating new information, and this is when the groove would really help. But I have yet found a way to turn it on when I need it. It seems to have its own will.  The groove is not something you can turn on or off, you can’t purchase it nor control it, so it makes it very hard sometimes to work, without the groove it’s a struggle to get the words out, nothing seems to fit together and the process is hard. The grove makes it better, the energy is flowing and the ideas keep coming.

So here is praying that the groove hits me hard and fast today…. I have lots to do!


p.s. as you can tell, I don’t have the groove today… 😦





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I am often asked how I keep such a positive attitude, and my response is always the say, “Why Not?” To me that is the only response needed, it sums is up pretty well don’t you think?

 Attitude, positive or negative, is all a choice. We decide what it is we want to be, and then we do it. Yes I know there are people out there with medical conditions, chemical imbalances, and yes I know they cannot control their moods and such. And I also know that it is not a choice for them to have this condition, but it is a choice for them on how they will deal with it. They can get medication, see a doctor or find organic alternative. So in the end, it is still a choice, they choose to deal with it or not.

We all make the same choice every morning when we wake up, we decide when we are cut off by a crazy drive on the way to work, or when our boss decides that today is the day they will ream us. We decide how we will react; we can decide how it will affect us the rest of the day. And we decide how we will allow it to affect our relations with others.  I have suffered each of the above situations, and I have chosen badly and wisely. I have reacted with anger and frustration, taken it out on co-workers, friends and family. And I have also let it roll off me and decided that I would not let it affect me in a negative way, but rather I would use that energy to create. I would put that energy back in to whatever project I was working on, work related or not.

I know that for me, I prefer the second options, to allow it to feed in to my creative process, use the negative to generate a positive; a much better outcome for all involved in my life. I choose to not allow it to bother me.

Yes, I do still get angry, yes sometimes I forget to control my anger and I let it affect my life, I choose not to let it roll off, and I pay for that choice. I pay by having a bad day the rest of the day instead of having just a bad moment.  I allow the moment to control the day. 

In truth we all have moments, good and bad, and we will always have them, but it is how we choose to deal with the moment, how we choose to allow them to control us. I choose to use them all, good and bad as moments of learning, moments of enlighten.  I choose to use the energy to good, for creation and for the betterment of me and all around me.

So start today, take a small moment and allow it to be part of the creation of a greater moment, allow it to feed your creative energy, allow the day to control the moment not the moment to control the day.


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