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Yesterday where I live in Michigan, it was a gray and rainy day. A day I call “A cat in the hat” kind of day. You all recall the cartoon, “A cat in a hat” Dr. Seuss’s classic story of two young kids stuck inside on a rainy day. I love that cartoon, it reminds me of my youth, but that’s not the point of this blog. The point is what that means to me now.

“A cat in the hat day” is a day where I want to snuggle up and read a good book or watch an old movie, drinking a cup of hot tea and having a bowl of soup for lunch. It’s a day to just be, not concerning myself with fixing anything, a day without concern. I love days like that, lazy days, days where the mind can take a rest.

I think we all need days like that, days where we can just sit and stair out the window and watch the rain fall, days where the blowing wind will change the fleeting thoughts in your mind and life just drifts by you. Days where nothing seems to happen and nothing really needs to happen, contentment is found in the stillness of the day and the rain falling seems to clear away the stress of life. The clouds covering the sun affect you not and the dampness only seems to call you further in to yourself, Days where the warmth of a cup of soup seems to penetrate you soul.

Times like that, days of nothingness, yet everythingness, seem to renew my soul, and fill with me hope for tomorrow. They allow me to remember the past with fondness and yearning for days gone by.

A Cat in the Hat day is a day of peace and contentment, and days I look forward too. The only regret I have about Cat in the hat days are they do not come often. Sure we get lots of rainy days here in Michigan, so one would think that I have lots of Cat in the hat days, but I do not. A Cat in the hat day has more to with a feeling than the weather. They offer a melancholy feeling that one cannot create with just rain, but rather it takes the soul as well. And thank God, yesterday was just that kind of day for me.

Yes I had to work, and I could not be home reading a good book or watching an old movie with a cup of hot tea and soup for lunch, but it was still a Cat in the hat kind of day for me, I only hope it’s not to long until the next one.


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Life is not perfect; we do not live perfect little lives where everyone and everything is in its perfect little box, all ready for us to use in our perfect little way. Life is not like that, and I for one am happy its not.


In to each life a little rain must fall…


Rain is a necessity; we need it for life to exist. With out it, the plants will die, the grass will brown the lakes will dry up. Rain is a good thing. The same is true for arguments, disagreements and differences, life needs this, and we need it. With out them our life is dead, nothing will grow, and we will dry up.


Now some will say life would be better with out arguments, that it would be a happier place we wouldn’t have as many divorces and hurt feelings. I say phooey to that, we have divorces and hurt feelings because people don’t know how to argue they don’t understand the importance of it the value added to life because of it.


When we argue, the correct way, we are not trying to hurt others, we are not trying to dominate them, but rather we are trying to move them from one side to the other, we are trying to help them see our point of view. Regardless of the outcome, both parties involved will have experienced a healthy bit of rain. Growth will take place, new ideas will spring forth and old ones will die out, the flood gates may open, and a whole new person may emerge, or they may not open and the old person is still there. Life is not to be controlled or predicted, but rather nurtured and feed. Rain is an important part of the nurturing and feeding of life.


The problem is that many do not know how to argue, they assume that arguing means that someone must lose, that someone will get hurt and the goal is to force the other to their side, for there to be only one winner. To them it’s not rain, but rather a fierce storm raging on in life, one that wrecks havoc in its wake; destroying the foundations of friendship and life.


That is not arguing, that is war, and war is never the response we give.


In to each life a little rain must fall…



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Old movies are one of my favorites to watch on cold or rainy days, sick or just plan worn out. They are nice, and usually funny and always just mindless good entertainment. I love them, Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorites, a simple comedy that just has lots of one-liners and great dialog.


One thing about old movies is, what ever the problem, the ending is always good, the issue is fixed and everyone is happy. We need more of that in life, we need more reminders that the good will come, the happy ending is near. Maybe that’s why I love old movies; they are upbeat and always end on an up note.


There is something that is very comforting about sitting on a couch and watching an old movie, it calms me, and resets my thoughts. They always help me to feel better; they are like an anti-depressant for me.


Old movies and rainy days go together like peanut butter and jelly, rainy days are perfect days to reset your thoughts and watch an old movie. Some days I wish for a rainy day or as I like to call them, “Cat in the Hat” days. Days filled with rain and old movies, sitting on the couch, with nothing really going on.


I need an old movie day, a day to reset my thoughts, a day just to veg-out to mindless entertainment that will leave me feeling up-beat and content.


I have blogged before about how Christmas Music is one of my favorite things to listen to when I need to be up-lifted, I would have to say Old movies are a very close second to that, they both have the same effect on me, they both make me feel safe and secure, the both help me to feel better, more positive, and they both relax me. There is just something about Old Movies that resonates with me, any political or sexual agenda is always low-key, and overt, the story lines are always simple and mindless. And, like I have stated, they always end on a high note, up-beat and positive.


Sure they can be silly and sometimes down right stupid, but that’s what I love about them, they are just entertainment with no real social agenda, no real point besides entertaining you.


I think we all need to have a “Cat in the Hat” type of day at least once a month, a time to reset the mind, a time to shut down thinking and a time to just allow the simple things to be enough.



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