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Key #3. Realize it to being

We have all hear it before, see it and it will be, visualize it to make it a reality, see it and you will be it. All very nice little sayings, but is it true? YES!

We make the world around us what it is by how we see it. Why is it some-people always seen to have all the “luck”? Why do some people always get what they want? It’s easy, they see it first, then they archive it!

We must know what it is we are going for, we must have a vision, a dream, something to hold on to, something to pull us through. The dream needs to be realized, the vision need to real.

If you are living life with no vision, then that’s what you will have, nothing, no realization, or rather you will realize the nothingness you where holding on to.

If you want to make your home a peaceful home, a place of rest, then you must see that home as such, if you want your job to be fulfilling then you must visualize that job as such.

Now, that does not mean you will not have to work for it, nothing comes to us with out hard work. But the dream, the visualization is where it all starts. It gives you the end you wish to achieve.

Like building a home, you need a blueprint, you need a vision to achieve. With out it the home will never be built, you will have nothing to work towards. It is the same with your life, you need that blueprint, you need that goal.

So how do you do this? How do you make a blueprint for your life, your goal?

Start out with one goal, one vision. Write it down, and work it out on paper. List the end results, what it is you wish to achieve, see it in your minds eye and write down what it is you see.

Once you have the end result down, now list the the steps to achieve it, much like directions for putting together furniture from IKEA:

Step One: Part A and Part B are joined using bolt D… You get the idea, nothing is on its own, so what do you need to achieve the first phase of your vision?

Once you have the steps down, look the list over, reread your vision, and make any corrections needed. Then create a time-line for each step, break the over all vision in to smaller visions, with specific actions you need to do, such as, courses you need to take, or people you need to contact. What ever the step is, work out the details on how to achieve it.

Planning is important, just like building your home, with out proper planning, your home may never get built, or the price of completion may be to high. The same is true of your vision, you must plan it out, always keeping in mind that the vision and plan can be changed at anytime.

Having a fluidness to your plan and vision is a must, life happens to us all the time, ans when life happens, our vision needs to grow and change with it, we should never be so ridged that our plan and vision can not grow and change. Just like a house, it is made to grow and shrink with the heat and cold, to rock and sway to the wind and tremors. If it can not, it will not last!

Look at the buildings of the ancients, they are still standing, that is because they where constructed to change and grow, with the change of life.

So set your vision on paper, create your instruction manual, and be prepared to change your vision, to allow it to grow with you.


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