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Give yourself a break; take some time off from yourself. Allowing yourself a little bit of free time from your daily challenges of trying to improve yourself is very important. It is one of the many steps one must make in the process of self improvement.

Improving yourself takes lots of energy; it requires that we are constantly aware of our actions, inside and outside of ourselves. We must always be analyzing our actions, changing our direction or moving in to new territories. It can be taxing at best and over whelming most of the time. Just like with any exercise, we must take rest between reps, same holds true when we are exercising our intellect, we must rest between reps.

Rest affords us the energy to carry on when times seem ruff, rest fusel our soul and mind allowing you to continue on the process of change.

No one ever said change is easy, it’s not, it is one of the hardest things you will ever do, and change is not a onetime thing, it should be an ongoing process, one that never ends. Some areas of change will be harder than others.

So today sit down and take a rest, let your mind go free, and allow the day to fill you with new energy, than pick yourself up and start on the process in the morning. Allowing yourself time today will increase your productivity tomorrow. On that note, I am going to take my own advice and take the rest of the day off (mentally speaking). I have used considerable energy this morning on my other blog (www.static.wordpress.com) , and feel a tad bit spent. So it is rest for me today, no more changes for me.


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Before I start my blog let me ask you a question:

Why do you want to change?

What are your reasons for wanting to change?

Ok, so that was more than “a” question, but in truth both will get to where I want to go. Now, once again before we start in on the body of the blog, respond to the above questions, list your reasons for wanting to change, for wanting to become “A New You”. I’ll wait…….




Ok, got your list? If the “Because it will make me happy” is on your list, or if “I don’t know” is on your list cross them off. If your list contains any ambiguous reason like the two above, cross them off, now be honest, I’ll wait…..



All set? Got your list, or did you end up crossing everything off? If you did, don’t worry, most people have very ambiguous reasons. That’s what this blog is all about…


If we look at the number of people who are trying to change their lives, the number of books sold and seminars attended and the number of blogs written and read, it is staggering. But if so many people are in the process, why do only a select few make it? What is the secret, what do they have that we do not? We read the same books, say they same catch phrases and sometimes even emulate all their actions. But to no end, we still are stuck in our old life, striving to get to the new one. What do they have that we do not?

The question is simple and the secret is really not a secret, but we fail to see it. It’s our reasons, it’s our why we want to’s. What motivates us to work hard at our goal, why do we get up in the morning to read the newest self help book, or log on to the computer to read our inbox or the latest blog entry.

If our reason is week, so will or resolve be. We need a strong reason, something to push us beyond our limits. A week reason serves no purpose; it does not push us, or motivate us to work harder. An ambiguous reason will lead to an ambiguous response. So before you read your next self help book or start down a new path to a new you, sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes and relax, place yourself in a meditative mood and reflect on your reasons for wanting to change. Make a list, and check it twice. Remove any ambiguous reasons. Prioritize them and relate them to tangible goals, with realistic time lines.

You need to find the motivation in yourself, and that motivation comes from the reason for the need to change. Change for change sake never last, it is built on shaky ground, but change for a reason will last, for it is built on solid ground.


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One of my favorite things to do is to read, I love to read. I read books for enrichment, for pleasure and for spiritual growth. And I love to read several books at one time. I have been known to have five books going at one time. At the moment I have 6 books in process, but am actively reading 3. The books rang from Steven King to St. Francis; I read different styles for different reasons. I allow my mood and my needs drive what book I pick up, so some books I may read in a day or two, and others, it may take me a year or more to read. I allow the moment to take me away and allow my mind to drift in to the world of the author. And at times I am sure the Holy Spirit guides me to read certain books. But in the end, I just love to read.

Reading is an escape for me, no matter the subject, be it deep with theology or shallow with the super natural. In truth, I try to learn something from everything I read, I look for that little knowledge that the author wants to share. I dig deeper in to novels than most would, so event the basic Stephen King book turns in to a search for some truth, and truth be told, I almost always find some nugget of truth.

I love to read, it’s my escape, others paint, some play games and others work out or play sports. We all have that one thing that we find the most relaxing, the most energizing. For me it’s reading, now truth be told, I really could use some exercising in my life, but I just find it hard to allow the power of the action to outweigh the action itself. Now I could read about it, and find some joy in that, but the results would not be the same. But that’s for a different blog, this one is about finding that one activity that gives you joy.

For me it’s reading, and I try to read every day, even if it’s for only 15 minutes. Some days I can spend hours reading, and other days, I get no time, but I average at least 30 minutes per day enjoying a good book or two.
Everyone needs to find the one thing that fills them with contentment, you need to find the one joy in this world that allows you to recharge and relax. Now comes the hard part, not only do you have to find it, but now you must make time to spend on it, daily! Five minutes, 30 minutes, in truth the time don’t matter, it’s the fact that you are giving yourself a break.

For me it’s reading, so I always have a book in my car, and several at home, and at work, I usually have something to read, if time permits. If yours is sports you may not be able to play a game of basketball at lunchtime, but you can read up on your favorite teams, or look for places to play after work. There is always a way to fill your day with the one joy you have.

I am sure many of you have more than one thing that relaxes and energizes you, as do I, but I chose the one activity that seems to be the most consistent. Like I said, some days I don’t read at all, I find it’s just too much work, if its summer time, I would work outside on my fish pond, if its winter, as it is now, I find myself watching old movies or working on new ideas for faith formation for my company STATIC Solutions (www.staticplace.com). And sometimes I just need to do something new, something different, but all in all reading is my one joy.


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Remember to take time for you. In this crazy world we often forget to take time for ourselves. With all the running around we do, taking the kids here, picking this up and dropping that off, we somehow forget that we too need time to relax and refuel.

I don’t mean just food for refueling, but also our minds and souls. We need to stop and take a little “Me Time”.

Me Time, a time to spend with self, a time to talk to self and refuel self, Read a book, drink a glass of wine, drink a cup of tea do something that allows you to spend time with you. Now I can hear everyone already, I don’t have the time to spend with myself, I a mother on the run, or a father on the run, when do I have time for me?

Well hear me now, listen up…. If you don’t find the time for self, you will run out of time. It is a proven fact, that each and every one of us need time for self, we need that quiet prayer time, to meditation time, to calm our minds and souls, 5, 20 or 15 minutes a day, every day. And if you’re telling me that you cannot find that little bit of time in your day, then you truly need professional help, because in a few short years you will be dead. Make the time, find the time and use the time.

Do some research, look it up on the web, ask your doctor, don’t take my word for it… You need to find the time for self. You need to find time to let your mind go, time to fill your soul with peace. Five minutes every day, once a day or many times throughout the day, your body knows what it needs, listen to it!

On that note, I think I will take my time now… I truth writing this blog and my other blog is all part of my time. It allows me to mind dump all the ideas in my head, allows me to meditate on them and flush them out. This is not work, this is self time.


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This is not my home, but I like it!


I’m home! Yes I love vacations, I love spending time with family and friends. And I did just that, but as much as I love to travel, I love coming home even more.

Maybe that’s why I love to travel; maybe I love it so much because I love coming home even more. Home is where comfort is, home is where I can relax, and just be, home just is. We all know when we enter home, we walk in and we feel it. We just know that we are home.




Well that’s how I feel, that’s how I know I am home, I can just feel it, my body relaxes my mind rest and my heart is happy.


Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy vacations, because I do, I love to travel and to be on vacation. Yes my mind relaxes, my heart is happy and I can just be. But its different, it’s not bad, just different.


 When my mom was still alive, and I need to feel safe I would go to her house, where ever it was, and I was home, I was safe. It didn’t matter where she lived the location was not home, but rather the feeling was.


It’s the same now, yes I love the house I have, I have decorated the way I like, and all my “stuff” is in it, but that’s not home, home is a feeling I get when I enter through the door. It’s the sigh my body gives; it’s the sights and smells, the memories and the flow. Home is more then brick and wood with windows and doors; home is a state of being.


My vacation was fun; I spent time with family and friends and was at home in Michigan. As I stated in previous blog, Michigan is my home, and yes I feel safe and secure here, and yes I love her, but Michigan is also home to many others, but my house, my home is just mine, its safe for me, and its mine.



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