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Give yourself a break; take some time off from yourself. Allowing yourself a little bit of free time from your daily challenges of trying to improve yourself is very important. It is one of the many steps one must make in the process of self improvement.

Improving yourself takes lots of energy; it requires that we are constantly aware of our actions, inside and outside of ourselves. We must always be analyzing our actions, changing our direction or moving in to new territories. It can be taxing at best and over whelming most of the time. Just like with any exercise, we must take rest between reps, same holds true when we are exercising our intellect, we must rest between reps.

Rest affords us the energy to carry on when times seem ruff, rest fusel our soul and mind allowing you to continue on the process of change.

No one ever said change is easy, it’s not, it is one of the hardest things you will ever do, and change is not a onetime thing, it should be an ongoing process, one that never ends. Some areas of change will be harder than others.

So today sit down and take a rest, let your mind go free, and allow the day to fill you with new energy, than pick yourself up and start on the process in the morning. Allowing yourself time today will increase your productivity tomorrow. On that note, I am going to take my own advice and take the rest of the day off (mentally speaking). I have used considerable energy this morning on my other blog (www.static.wordpress.com) , and feel a tad bit spent. So it is rest for me today, no more changes for me.


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Life needs to slow down, we all need to learn to walk a little bit slower, stop and take the time to see what is truly there, stop to smell the world, and to take in all we can.

This life of ours is short, time here on earth is limited, yet we seem to feel that we must rush and do all we can before we pass on. How silly of us all. Sure we may “experience” more things but truly did we? By packing in 10 things in one day, did we truly enjoy anything?  

To slow down and do only 3 or 4 of the 10 things, we will have time to enjoy, to process and take it all in. What’s the rush? Does it really matter if you fail to do one thing on your to do list, will your life be any less? I think not, I thing we trick ourselves in to thinking we need to remain in motion, but what is wrong with a little rest?

Use this holiday season to slow down, to rest, to regroup. Take time to enjoy the good cheer of other and learn to relax in a world that is going full tilt.


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Remember to take time for you. In this crazy world we often forget to take time for ourselves. With all the running around we do, taking the kids here, picking this up and dropping that off, we somehow forget that we too need time to relax and refuel.

I don’t mean just food for refueling, but also our minds and souls. We need to stop and take a little “Me Time”.

Me Time, a time to spend with self, a time to talk to self and refuel self, Read a book, drink a glass of wine, drink a cup of tea do something that allows you to spend time with you. Now I can hear everyone already, I don’t have the time to spend with myself, I a mother on the run, or a father on the run, when do I have time for me?

Well hear me now, listen up…. If you don’t find the time for self, you will run out of time. It is a proven fact, that each and every one of us need time for self, we need that quiet prayer time, to meditation time, to calm our minds and souls, 5, 20 or 15 minutes a day, every day. And if you’re telling me that you cannot find that little bit of time in your day, then you truly need professional help, because in a few short years you will be dead. Make the time, find the time and use the time.

Do some research, look it up on the web, ask your doctor, don’t take my word for it… You need to find the time for self. You need to find time to let your mind go, time to fill your soul with peace. Five minutes every day, once a day or many times throughout the day, your body knows what it needs, listen to it!

On that note, I think I will take my time now… I truth writing this blog and my other blog is all part of my time. It allows me to mind dump all the ideas in my head, allows me to meditate on them and flush them out. This is not work, this is self time.


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Old movies are one of my favorites to watch on cold or rainy days, sick or just plan worn out. They are nice, and usually funny and always just mindless good entertainment. I love them, Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorites, a simple comedy that just has lots of one-liners and great dialog.


One thing about old movies is, what ever the problem, the ending is always good, the issue is fixed and everyone is happy. We need more of that in life, we need more reminders that the good will come, the happy ending is near. Maybe that’s why I love old movies; they are upbeat and always end on an up note.


There is something that is very comforting about sitting on a couch and watching an old movie, it calms me, and resets my thoughts. They always help me to feel better; they are like an anti-depressant for me.


Old movies and rainy days go together like peanut butter and jelly, rainy days are perfect days to reset your thoughts and watch an old movie. Some days I wish for a rainy day or as I like to call them, “Cat in the Hat” days. Days filled with rain and old movies, sitting on the couch, with nothing really going on.


I need an old movie day, a day to reset my thoughts, a day just to veg-out to mindless entertainment that will leave me feeling up-beat and content.


I have blogged before about how Christmas Music is one of my favorite things to listen to when I need to be up-lifted, I would have to say Old movies are a very close second to that, they both have the same effect on me, they both make me feel safe and secure, the both help me to feel better, more positive, and they both relax me. There is just something about Old Movies that resonates with me, any political or sexual agenda is always low-key, and overt, the story lines are always simple and mindless. And, like I have stated, they always end on a high note, up-beat and positive.


Sure they can be silly and sometimes down right stupid, but that’s what I love about them, they are just entertainment with no real social agenda, no real point besides entertaining you.


I think we all need to have a “Cat in the Hat” type of day at least once a month, a time to reset the mind, a time to shut down thinking and a time to just allow the simple things to be enough.



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