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Why do we quest for betterment of our selves, what makes us want to be new and improved? I believe it is part of our makeup our DNA.


We really don’t have much of a choice, we are created to be the best “self” we can be. Yet some choose to suppress this tendency, or to mask it with sex, drugs and other addictions, but in the end, the quest for a better self is still there.


Self Help is nothing new, it has been part of the human life from the very beginning. To use the story of Adam and Eve from the book of Genesis, Eve was told that if she ate of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, she would be a better self, she would be like God.


What we have here is the story of the first self help seminar, all-be-it a bad one, but it was the first one. And Eve bought in to it; she wanted to be the best Eve she could be, as did Adam, who also ate of the fruit.


If it was not for our quest for betterment, we would still be living in caves, drawing on rock, and pulling woman around by there hair. Self Help is just another word or phrase for seeking the truth; we are all looking for the true self, the authentic self, the one that God created, but because of our fallen nature, we have lost.


The problem is, like Adam and Eve; we all want the easy way to the new and improved self. We all want the magic pill, or the book to read that will transform us over night in to the new and improved self. But as we have learned, from the lesson of Adam and Eve, that is not the best way to go about it.


It has taken the human race millions of years, just to get to this point, and look around you, in some ways we are still cavemen pulling our woman around by the hair. Change is a slow process, one that takes time, there is not over night change, there is no magic pill we can take.


But what we do have is time, not lots of it, but we do have it. As a collective of humans, we will change only when we as individuals change. Each of us is part of the over all change in humanity, and that change comes slow, but it does come. The problem is that we like over night success stories. Why do you think shows like American Idol so popular, we like to see people become the best self they can in a few easy steps.


Once again I refer you back to Adam and Eve, and remind you that it don’t work that way. Even on American Idol it is not overnight nor is it easy. But the producers of the show make it seem that way. Why? Because it sells to our basic instinct of the best self we all want to be.


Change is not easy, and it’s not quick. But it is attainable. Once again lets look back to a bible story, not Adam and Eve this time, but lets look at Jesus, the son of God, and the son of the human Mary.


Jesus was born a human, just like you and me. And as a human, he had all the makings of a human; he was in just like us in all ways except sin. But Jesus as a child was not the Jesus we read about in the Gospels. In-fact the bible tells us so; it states that Jesus grew in to his knowledge and understanding. That is a very human act. It took Jesus 30 years to start his ministry. Jesus even grew during his 3 year ministry; once again the bible tells us so, but you will have to read it for yourself, I don’t want to spoil the plot for you. The jest of the story was Jesus did not think at first he came to save anyone except the Jews, but then he grew and changed his point of view.


We all are on a path to become the best self we can be, and like Adam and Eve, sometimes we will fail, and like Jesus we will grow in to our self, slowly and even when we think we are new and improved, we will continue to grow even more.


So really, we are all a bit like Adam and Eve, and a bit like Jesus. We sometimes fail and we sometimes succeed. But in the end, we all are seeking the true self, the one that we where created to be.



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