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You ever feel like you just need to empty everything out of your mind or even your life? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a trash can like our computers do, just select elements to send to the trash, and then with a click of a mouse, it’s gone!


That seems like a great idea, bad day at work, no problem, select à send to trash and its gone, like it was never there. Don’t like what your kids just did, select à send to trash, your spouse get you mad, select à send to trash…


Life would be great… Or would it?


What a lot of people don’t know is that when you delete that document, photo or other file off your computers hard drive, its not truly gone, it’s still there as a phantom, a ghost of it self.  And id the file was corrupt or bad, it still can bring havoc down the road.


Much like life, that bad day at work, you sent it to the trash, but no one else did, and yep, it’s still in your hard drive, in the corners of your mind. It sits there, waiting to bring havoc, waiting to come out of the corner and show it self once again.


So may be a select à send to trash option is not such a good thing, maybe it would be better to deal with the issue, maybe it would better to confront the problem then to delete it.


I too thought it would be a nice idea to have a select à send to trash option, in-fact when I first started this blog that was the direction I was going to go, but conventional wisdom kicked in, and the realization that we can not truly delete anything from our minds, and like the hard drive, it will kick me in the butt someday, so we are better off to just deal with it, and allow it to teach us and help us grow.



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