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The last 2 days here in Michigan have been mild; the temps have been in the 40’s and today a light rain in falling. Spring is on its way! Yesterday I went outside just to look around, it has been so long since I have seen my grass and plants, I just wanted to look.  Mostly I noticed that everything is dead, that winter has taken a toll on my lawn and plants, I’m not concerned because I know that they will “spring” back to life soon. I love spring time, with all the new growth and the smells that return with the changing of the season.

As I looked around and was imagining what I might do this year in the gardens I notice that one of my trees’s, a Japanese Maple, was budding. There on each branch where tiny little buds, little pods of life waiting to break free, to feel life for the first time, to soak in the warmth of the sun and sway in the breeze, to experience life as a new.

In a way I am very jealous of that bud, it is changing in to a beautiful creation, transforming in to a wonder before my very eyes, and all it is doing is what it is made to do. No effort is put forth beyond what it is created for. This bud attends no classes on how to be a better bud, or how to make the most of your buddness. Nope, this bud is just doing what it was created for, it is becoming a leaf.

How wonderful of it, how simplistic of it and how grand. This tiny bud is becoming what it meant to become. No self-help books were read no seminars attended, it just is. This bud knows what it will be, and where it will go without being counseled or couched. No amount of positive talk will make it better than it already is and no TV doctor can create a new and better bud that this one. In its simplicity it is perfect and in its buddness it is perfection. I am truly jealous!

Humanity has placed upon itself conditions that create imperfection of the perfect creation. We are created in our maker’s likeness, we are created out of love, yet we find no perfection in our humanness and we find no love in our loveless. Unlike the bud that knows only how to be a bud, we, in our humanness, know nothing about how to be us. We seek others to help define what is already defined, we read and research ways to become, yet the bud just becomes, we try and fail, yet with the bud there is no trying and failing only doing and succeeding.

The complexity of life that we choose to live in has created a loneliness of soul, a loneliness that causes us to search for other us’s, us’s that already know, others that have become. Yet with all the searching we do we never seem to find the us that is truly us. We look to others for help, we cry out to the world, yet no one seems to hear. We cry out to be like that bud, yet we cannot be, for we are us.

I envy that bud, so simple yet so complex. The change it needs to perform is natural and automatic, it has not past to hold it back, it only has a future to draw it out. The bud knows no limits to its change; it will become a leaf regardless of what it may want. The bud of that tree will fulfill its destiny, it will become a leaf.

Humanity is of a fallen nature, we have sinned, and the sin of time holds us back, stunts our growth and creates chaos in an ordered world. We are not like that bud, whose plans must be followed, we are a creation of thought and action, we are a creation of love and hate, we are a creation created for struggles and strife. Yet each day we strive to create a new us, a new world, one in which we can shine and achieve the usness we were created for.

No, I pity that bud in its budness, it cannot think, nor can it choose, it is a bud, simple as that. No I do not wish I was like that bud, I am glad I am me, in all my humanness and chaos I am complete.

The searching for betterment of us is in the perfect plan of the loveness that created the imperfection of us.



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Spring is on its way, it will be here sooner that we think, and that means we will also be getting our gardens ready. Cleaning them out, making room for the new plants and layouts we want to do. Anyone who knows me knows I love to redecorate to rethink my home and gardens. I am forever redoing my gardens, moving and adding things, coming up with new ways to make the outside of my home to look inviting to all. I do the same on the inside; I love to move things around, find new uses for existing items. If I could I would redo my house every 3 years or so, but it takes money, so I settle for just a simple reuse formula.

I am the same with my holiday decorations, every 3 years or so I give everything away and get all new, I don’t like to have the same stuff up year after year. It’s a habit of mine that drives my family and friends nuts. Most people will keep the same decorations from year to year. They go in the exact same spot, year after year. To me it’s silly; it’s a new year, things change. We would not wear the same outfit day after day, so why should we expect our home to.

The same can be said for ourselves, why would we want to be that same person year after year? We need to grow, to expand who we are. Now please read the next line very slowly and carefully:

This does not mean that we change ourselves with whatever the lattes fashion is, we do not sell our morals or ethics off to be in the “In Crowed”. Do stretch yourself, learn more and grow in your faith and your core values.

We are more often willing to do the hard work for others, but not for ourselves. We are more than willing to help our friends tear down walls and build new spaces than we are willing to tear down our own walls. We are willing to do the hard work for others but not for ourselves.

We need to first help ourselves grow before we help others, we must look at our own self and determine what needs to be redone and what can remain. We need to learn to rethink ourselves and to learn to do the hard work that follows.

Like working in our gardens in the spring time, lots of work, lots of junk to toss out, the same can be said for ourselves. But at the end, when all is in bloom, we know the effort was well worth it, and that we have created a welcoming environment for all.


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Spring Fever

Spring fever has set in, I am truly done with winter and the snow and the cold. It can all end now! I want to open my windows up in my house, air it out. I want to sit outside and enjoy my fish pond. I am sick of sitting inside, of felling cold, and sick of my skin being so ruff.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all the sessions in Michigan, but I must admit the winter seems a tad too long. In my opinion winter can end December 26th.

So what is all this about, what does my issues with the weather have to do with changing in to a new you. I think the feeling I have concerning the weather is the same feeling we have with the whole process of change. We start out enjoying the process, its fun, it’s refreshing and it’s new. But after a little bit of time, it all starts to wear on you.

That’s how I feel now with the snow and the cold, it is starting to wear on me.  I am ready for the sun and warmth. The same can be said for the process of change, I am ready for the comfort of the new me. But like the changing of the sessions, we too will continually changing. And like cabin fever we will have moments of frustration and times that we just want to give in. But like winter, the times will change and we will be in to our spring time of change. A time of new growth and days of sun shine.

I know that this is a long cold hard winter, and for many it may be one filled with storms raging daily, but always be reminded that Spring is on its way, and the lazy days of summer will soon follow. And in your life you will soon know peace.


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With the crisp air of fall here, it’s time to start thinking about our gardens and cutting them back for the winter. The new blossoms of spring turned in to the summer canvas that God created his glory on, summer turns in to fall, and now it’s time once again for God to paint the colors of fall.

This is also the time, like spring, when we must tend to our gardens, preparing for the next session. We must cut back the flowers that no longer bloom, pull out the weeds and plant any new bulbs to bring new life in the spring.

We should also use this time to do the same with our lives, cut back and dead growth, pull all the weeds out of our life and plant new seeds to take root in our souls.

God has a way of reminding us, of using nature to teach us important life lessons. God uses each new season to recreate the beauty of the earth, each is different than the last, and each has a purpose. Spring and fall both are seasons of change and growth. Spring ushers in summer and all its glory, and fall ushers in winter and all her splendor.  Each season offers us the opportunity to work with God’s creation, but spring and fall seem to represent a time of preparation. A time to make ready the gardens for the next season, a time to clean out the clutter, and make ready for the new growth, We too need to define times in our lives to do this.

Spring and Fall seems to be the natural timing of God, so let’s run with it, and use this season of change as a time to de-clutter our lives, and to plant new seeds of Hope, Joy and Love in our garden of humanity. Let’s create a weed free garden, one without the weeds of Hate, despair and hopelessness.

Let prepare for the season of splendor, one of great awe and wonder. One covered in a blanket of pure love.  Use the change of the seasons as a time of change for you; allow the grace of God to create in you the garden of life.


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It is September, the kids are back off to school and the world starts to get that great fall smell. I love the smell of fall, the smell of the old going out and the winter setting in. I know its way too early to talk about winter, but fall is a short session, and winter will be here before you know it. But that’s not what my blog is about today; let’s stick with the idea of fall.

No today I thought I would talk about fall, and how it’s like life. We all go through different sessions in our life, most of us think of it as an age thing, in our youth we are in the springtime of life and when we get older we enter the fall of our life. But I think that we actually go through the different sessions all the time and never ending of summer, fall, winter and then spring. A cycle that continues until the last session of our life we the sessions change no more and we are in eternal __ (Put your favorite session here) __.

Fall, or autumn as some call it, is a time for change, a time of death, or hibernation. It’s a time when all the flowers prepare for the long winter, the animals store food up and birds fly south. Fall a time of preparation.

That is the fall I want to talk about, the fall of preparations. We all must prepare for life, because regardless of what we want life is going to come, life is going to hit us, and sometimes it hits us hard. We need to prepare for that fact.

Fall, with all its wonderful smells and sounds, the cool crisp air, it’s all a sign that summer has ended and winter is on its way.  The death of summer and the birth of winter; we too must often times die from our old and be born in to our new.

So prepare, make ready for the new, and allow the old to die, for it has lived out its session and its tile for a new one.

Fall, the beauty of death, a time not to mourn but a time to rejoice, for soon winter will blanket us in her protection and deliver us in to spring…

We all live several sessions in one life time, we all are born and die unto self. Fall, a time of change, transition and death. But not a sad death, but one of great joy, one of celebration; for from the death comes a new you a new session.



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