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Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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Below is a poll question from the Pew Research Center. I find the question interesting. Based on my conversations with most of my friends I am not sure I would get the same response, most of my friends with in the faith are liberals and they have a basic feeling that the

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Technology is an amazing thing, I just watched a video on line of the song “Stand By Me”, the song, although a good song, was made amazing with technology. No they didn’t add all kinds of computer sounds to it, in fact it is simply played and sang, around the world, all at once, check it out



It is cool….

That’s all I got to say, here is there web site http://playingforchange.com



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Life lessens learned…


This statement should follow everything we do, we are always in a passion to learn from what we have done, be it a successes or a failure.


Our minds have the ability to grow, to never stop learning, but all too often we do not take advantage of that. We allow ourselves to fall in to comfortable places, to be satisfied with what we have, and do not push ourselves to learn all we can.


Learning to takes time and energy, and we do not seem to want to use up out time to learn, all too often we have very little energy to spare. But it is an essential part of life; we are created to learn, created to grow. We become restless when we are idol, when we stagnate to lone we yearn for change, for movement for growth.


Life is one big lesson, if we allow it to be, we have to see each moment as an opportunity to grow, to learn to become a better person. It matters not if the moment was good or bad, what matters is what we take from that moment, what we learn from it.


Use each moment as a life lesson, grow from it, and become the person you are created to be. Do not stand still, but always walk through life, allowing each moment to further your growth, allowing each second to be an opportunity to learn.


Life is an adventure, life is an opportunity to grow, allow it to happen, and see what becomes of you.



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