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I haven’t posted much as of late, it’s been kind of crazy for me, with TONS of stuff to do prior to July 1, but soon, very soon it should calm down for me. Launching a new company and product is very time consuming, but well worth it (I hope!). Setting up the web sites (www.staticplace.com) creating the marketing campaign and designing all the necessary documents, they all take time and effort. And with working a fulltime 9 to 5 type job, I don’t always have time to blog, nor time to do much of anything else.

But I always find “me” time, I always find time to relax and unwind. Yesterday was such a day for me, after work I went home and didn’t take my laptop out all night, I read, watched a little TV and didn’t even think about all the work I still have to do… But today, well most likely a little bit like yesterday. I am to the point were my mind needs to stop thinking about all that I have to do, and I need to rest it up, just a day or 2 and than back to the grind.

I still need to create samples of the program, and finish the websites and place ads in papers and find a sales person or 2 and and and… The list seems to keep adding to itself, seems like every time I think I am done, a new action item is added to the list, but that’s OK, because I know that in the long run it will all be worth the effort. So for today and the next few days I will work work work….

So I just wanted to catch you up a bit on what is going on with me, until next time, make sure you always have a little “ME” time in your week, it’s important to your health, both mentally and physically. I have written on that before, and maybe I will write a little more about it next time…


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static solutions new 2009 logo 2 You would think that when I take time off of work I would have even more time to write, but that’s not how it works. I am in the middle of an effort to launch my company, STATIC Solutions, LLC and it’s products on a national level, so my free time is truly not all that free. Sure I took a few days off to celebrate the holiday, spent time with my family and had a great time doing so. but I also spent time working on the campaign “Faith…. Pass IT on” for STATIC.

The basic concept, well to pass on our faith from one generation to the next, of course using the STATIC program. The campaign starts in July, so really I have very little time and lots still to do. So if my blogs are a little erratic please understand that I most likely just didn’t have the time nor the energy to sit and think of what to write.

But I thought I would use this posting to help myself work out the whole Pass IT on water faith pass it on concept. Our Faith is a gift from God, a gift given freely and one that we can choose to accept or not. Sadly many have not excepted the Gift, or if they have, they only take what they want and leave the rest to rot. We see this in our daily lives, so call Christians promoting abortion, running shady businesses, cheating on there taxes and in general just not being very nice people. Sure we all have our moments but I’m not talking about moments, rather I am talking about  lifetimes of moments.

We all know the sort of person I am speaking about, the attend church every week, they may even be extremely involved in extra activities at church but once they leave the holy grounds, they are the tax cheats or the abortion doctors.

Ultimately it is there own souls that they must defend before the thrown of God, but we also have an obligation to them, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we owe them or concern.

If we are to Pass IT on, we must know what it is we are passing on, we must understand that importance of passing IT on. I look at the type of people mentioned above and can’t help thinking that the faith was not passed on correctly, that whom ever Passed IT on failed to Pass IT all On, that something was missed.

the Catholic Church has done a horrible job of Passing IT On in the past, in fact the whole STATIC program is in response to that very fact. As Youth Ministers, my ex-partner and I, decided that we needed to create a program that would excite the youth, involve them and make them want to participate in there own faith development. 

fotolia_4149121We had come to the understanding that the parents and the Church as a whole had some how lots the ability  and or the desire to educate our youth. The world had deemed soccer and baseball and band and all the other activities of youth more important than there own faith development. Now before everyone gets on me here, yes I do think that all the things mentioned above are important, and yes I do understand that time is tight and that there are lots of parents struggling to just manage what they got. But I also understand that many place soccer and the rest above God and learning all we can about Him.  So we, at STATIC, decided to create a program with out the parents or other adults in mind, but rather to look at faith through the eyes and hearts of our middle schoolers. We decided to teach them in ways that they would understand and not concern ourselves with trying to make the parents understand, the net result, we created a program that the youth love and understand, on they want to attend and were learning seems almost an after thought. But the bonus was the parents were learning also, they were becoming more active in our parish and with our youth program. STATIC set out to teach the youth, but ended up teaching the parish.

Now I must take a moment to clarify that last statement about teaching the parish. We did have an impact on our parish, the parents of our youth were involved, we never had issues getting volunteers, we even had nonparents come to us to ask if they could help. It truly was a grand thing to be apart of and to witness. We saw the growth of our parish and there understanding of our youth. The sad part to my story is the parish powers that be (excluding the director of education at our parish, she was one of the original partners and the one whom I brained stormed with and we created the original STATIC concept).

The money changer at our parish never understood the concept of investing in our youth, she never really gained the level of compassion needed to truly embrace STATIC. To her it was all money, dollars and cents and control. She did not see little donation envelopes with the names of the youth on it, there for they did not deserve a voice, she could not control what she did not value, our youth, so the program in her little mind was a waste, a money pit. Sad but true, and I fear this may be the norm at more Parishes than I would like to think. I hope and pray it is not the “way it is” at most, I hope it is a minority and not a majority. God willing!

tall passiton Back to the Pass IT on concept. So STATIC was truly Passing IT On at our local parish, but it is now time, 5 years latter, to start marketing the program, to place STATIC Solutions, LLC out there to and let everyone experience the STATIC Youth Program for themselves. So this July The Pass IT On marketing campaign will start, we will be placing banner ad’s on Catholic on line for three months and sending out emails to local parishes. If you would like to be included in the email marketing campaign please contact STATIC at sales@staticplace.com.

This program promises to be dynamic in all aspects and that includes the delivery method and pricing as well. The STATIC Program is going to be priced to be affordable for all size parishes. From very small to extremely large, and the delivery method of the materials and the unlimited use of the materials will allow for a very dynamic program, one that can be customized to your parish needs. If you would like more information on this program, and you are a decision maker for your parish please send your name and address to sales@staticplace.com and we will send out information to you.

Well so much for my marketing blog, until next time…


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The other day I wrote a blog concerning a TV program I watched about the Knight Templar’s. The basic idea of what I was writing was the fact that the TV show spent 10 to 20 minutes talking about how mean and evil the Knights were, yet gave just a fleeting mention to the fact that they were protecting and defending the Holy Land from attach from the Muslims.

I found the responses I received interesting, I posted this blog on my STATIC Youth  blog site, but also on my Linked In site in the Catholic Group I belong to. The STATIC Youth site received no comments, but the Catholic Group on Linked in, wow! I was called a Liberal Catholic, told to go to confession and basically my faith call in to question because I dared to say that the Knights may have done some bad things.

I responded to this person for a little bit, but I have decided it matters not what I say to him, he is just dead set on saving my soul, regardless as to what I have to say. It’s almost like tossing a life ring to someone on dry land. Now please understand, I am not saying I don’t need salvation, because I do, but what I am getting at is I have explained to this person, several times, that I am not what he thinks I am, nor and I attaching the Catholic Church. But that is just adding facts to it, and he will have none of that!

It did make me stop and thing a bit, here I am, online, have a major discussion with someone I don’t even know, being accused of anti-Catholic views, and basically  being told I am not a Catholic at all. How is it, that a person feels they can make such statements concerning someone they never met nor has he read anything else I have written, and based on his responses to what I have said to him, he will not read other things I have written. Have we gotten to a point were people feel free to attach you, to call in to question your convictions over the net. Have we allowed ourselves to be fooled in to thinking that we have gained knowledge of a persons soul or being over the net?

In some ways, yes we have, look at all the so call “long distance” relationships started via chat rooms, or people who claim friendships to IM friends they never had met. We have allowed the simple task of typing to each other replace face to face, we have allowed the net with all its cool and amazing possibilities to overshadow human contact. So in a way, I have lead myself in to this little mess, but contributing to it. Such is life…

Now, I will continue to post, and I will continue to dialog with others on the net, and yes i will continue to add people to my “friends” list, I just found it interesting, that’s all.


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It seems I have gone blog crazy, I have 3 blogs going now, this one, You can be new, and two others, STATIC Youth and Faith and Life. The Faith and Life blog is the latest blog I have started. Each blog had a purpose, each one helps me examine a different part of my make up.

Each blog represents a side of me that I feel in need to dive in to a little bit more deeply, but at times all 3 cross over each other. For example my new blog, Faith and Life is the more political side of me. But readers of this blog or my STATIC Youth blog will know that I have made political statements here. Were-as this blog, You can be new, is more of a blog for my self-help look deep with in you side of me, but that has also spilled over in to my STATIC Youth blog and I am sure it will slip in to my new Faith and Life blog before long also. The STATIC Youth blog is my Catholic faith blog, allowing me to share my faith with the world, but as you know my Catholic faith has entered in to discussions here and it is part of my Faith and Life blog also.

I say all this not to just shamelessly promote my 3 blog, but to illustrate a point. We are made up of different part, but each part is not separate from each other. I have three interest that truly define me, my faith, my need to help others and my political values, each is unique but each is also me. I would not be the same person I am today if anyone of them were not part of my being.

Our DNA defines us, our eye color, hair and body shape, our parents mold us into good little people, teaching us moral and our faith and society leans onus to conform to the norms of the times. But in the end it is us who truly defines us, we choose to follow our parents lead or if we will bend in to social norms, it is us, our individuality, that creates new possibilities for ourselves.

All three parts of me, represented by my blogs, help to shape me, guide me and in some ways define me, but only if I allow them to. My parents help create them, my faith help shaped them and the social/economics of society help bend them in to what we see today. But ultimately I allowed them to.

How can I say this, what proof do I have that in the end it is my choice. I have 4 case studies, my brothers and sisters, all raised by the same two parents, all raised with in the same faith and similar social/economics as me, each of us are different, we each chose how we would allow each force mold us.

So yes I am at times divide between my Faith, political and self reliance sides of me. Sometimes what I write in one blog may seem like it is in opposition to what I wrote in another blog. But in truth it can not be in opposition with anything else I write, it is just taken out of context. When I write purely for one blog, not allowing my other 2 sides to enter in to the conversation I create a conflict of sorts. This conflict is internal, wanting to establish the links between all three major forces in my life. This is a choice I make, not allowing the overflow of the other two in to what I am writing. I want to allow myself the freedom to dive into the topic unhindered by my own confines, to allow the organic growth of the thought, and than at a latter time see how it fits in to my over all person. No conflict, only growth.

So please if you get a chance check out my other two blogs, let me know what you think, and tell your friends to give me a read, who knows maybe someone somewhere will like what I wrote, they may even think I am smart. But I am not holding my breath for that, I don’t write for others, but for myself.


STATIC Youth  —  Faith and Life


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