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Today is the start of a great day, we all have the same opportunity to make this day be the best day of our lives. The great thing about being a human is that we all can choose our own paths, we all can decide what kind of day we will have. And if we decide to make it a bad day that is what it will be but if we decide to make this the greatest day in our lives, than that is what it will be. Each day can be the greatest day or the worst day, you decide.

That is the great thing about like, each morning we get a fresh new start, we can choose to make it something special or something not so special. Me, I decide that each day will be the best day of my life. Sometimes it is hard and yes sometimes I fail, but I try.

Life is funny that way, if you think about it. We often times choose not to try, to just allow the world around us to push and pull us were it likes. Than when we end up were we don’t want to be we complain and wine about it. Yet we had the power all along to not be pushed and pulled. But you know why we do allow it, we allow it because we convince ourselves that that is easier than to fight it. That if we just sit back and allow life to push and pull us, we will have no strife in our lives that life will be ok. But it never works out that way, we never end up where we want to be, and it is always more damaging than if we where to fight it.

Think about it, if a storm is coming, a really big storm, we know that it is smarter to put things away, tie things down and protect what we have. If we have animals we bring them in so they wont get hurt, if we have outdoor tables and chairs we secure them down. We know that the table will suffer less damage and cause less damage if it is not just being pushed and pulled by the storm. The same holds true for us, we will cause less damage to others and ourselves if we are secured if we don’t allow the storms of life to push and pull us. Sure the work to secure everything may take time, and it is hard work, but in the end the pets are all safe and the table and chairs are still were we want them. In life it means that we are still on secure ground and we are were we want to be.

Life is going to try to toss you around some but the more you push back on it and chose to fight for yourself the better you will be. You will know the ground you are on, and you will know that you are secured and safe and you can weather the next storm.


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Life is not perfect; we do not live perfect little lives where everyone and everything is in its perfect little box, all ready for us to use in our perfect little way. Life is not like that, and I for one am happy its not.


In to each life a little rain must fall…


Rain is a necessity; we need it for life to exist. With out it, the plants will die, the grass will brown the lakes will dry up. Rain is a good thing. The same is true for arguments, disagreements and differences, life needs this, and we need it. With out them our life is dead, nothing will grow, and we will dry up.


Now some will say life would be better with out arguments, that it would be a happier place we wouldn’t have as many divorces and hurt feelings. I say phooey to that, we have divorces and hurt feelings because people don’t know how to argue they don’t understand the importance of it the value added to life because of it.


When we argue, the correct way, we are not trying to hurt others, we are not trying to dominate them, but rather we are trying to move them from one side to the other, we are trying to help them see our point of view. Regardless of the outcome, both parties involved will have experienced a healthy bit of rain. Growth will take place, new ideas will spring forth and old ones will die out, the flood gates may open, and a whole new person may emerge, or they may not open and the old person is still there. Life is not to be controlled or predicted, but rather nurtured and feed. Rain is an important part of the nurturing and feeding of life.


The problem is that many do not know how to argue, they assume that arguing means that someone must lose, that someone will get hurt and the goal is to force the other to their side, for there to be only one winner. To them it’s not rain, but rather a fierce storm raging on in life, one that wrecks havoc in its wake; destroying the foundations of friendship and life.


That is not arguing, that is war, and war is never the response we give.


In to each life a little rain must fall…



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