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Stay the course, do not sway of the course, keep on going and follow through. Good advice, most of the time, but we need to allow life to happen, and sometimes when life happens we need to be able to redirect ourselves, or to allow life to take us where we need to go.


Change happens daily, change is part of life, and we need to learn to allow it to happen, sometimes that means stepping out of the way and sometimes that means getting caught up in the flow. Change will happen either way; the only difference is how we choose to respond to it.


All too often we set our plans and stick to it, regardless of the world around us, and often that leads to disaster, and a total breakdown of the plan, and in the end the change we wanted is not the change we got.


Detours are part of life, they lead us down different paths, and sometimes we end up where we wanted to be, and more often then not we end up where we thought we would never go.


To survive the detours we need to learn that life is a fluid entity, it is constantly in flux, changing and redefining it self, and all too often we are not, we are running from the current.


The decision to run with the change does not guarantee a positive outcome, and the decision to run from the change can lead to a positive one. Each option is a risk, and you have to manage that risk, and learn to see the end, to your best ability, but mostly you need to allow the process to happen regardless of your decision.


Change happens, to us and to the world around us, we are in flux at all times, how do you want to handle it? How do you see yourself when the current of life shifts? Can you allow it to challenge you? Or do you have to control it? Will the change break you or make you stronger?


Some changes are a soft gentle wind others are hurricanes of anger and resentment. Change is a constant, change is a fact, and we need to deal with it, and grow with it, or be covered up in its wake by the debris of life.





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Do you Participate in Humanity? or Do you sit on the sidelines?


I gave a talk one to a group of young adults; it was on our responsibility of baptism, what God has called us to do.


It was a 2 part talk, and the first part was about the mark of the Holy Spirit on our soul, they got that part. That was easy to understand, it was the second part where I lost some of them.


The second part was about how we, as part of the human family, and as Catholics, are called to respond to the need of our fellow humans.


I used the following example to state my point:


If you are walking home one night, and you see a mugging taking place, you have only 2 real choices:


  1. Help them by calling the police, yelling and some other form of help, with out placing yourself in danger
  2. Do nothing, walk away and mind your own concerns


The majority of participants chose option 2, to do nothing. There reason where sound. They did not want to get hurt.


But the choice was wrong. Not just for spiritual reasons, leave God out of it, if you live, the choice is still the same.


We as a human family, have an obligation to help out our fellow humans. We are, by are very nature, all inter connected. A wrong doing to one, is a wrong doing to all. We all are affected by the actions of others. We all suffer when one of our fellow humans suffer.


We have no other options then to help. When we fail to do so, we fail ourselves, and the victim, and believe it or not the perpetrator of the crime it self.


No action is an action unto itself. All we do, all we are and all we ever will be, is in some way connected to everyone else on this green earth of ours.


We are not an island unto ourselves, but rather we are island all connected by our humanity. We are one family, and we must protect and support each other, with out regard for race, nationality or any other circumstance.


Some would call this the Good Samaritan law, a law enacted in many states and countries that require you to take action when you see wrong doing. Me, I would call it the Human Law, one that is innate in us, one that requires not external law to define it. It is part of who we are, it is how we are created.


The problem is, society has told us other wise, so we have built up a wall to keep it safe inside of us. In doing so, we are suppressing our nature, and stunting our growth as the human race. We are, by the act of doing nothing, a guilty, if not more so, then the person carrying out the crime itself.


The responsibility of being human is heavy at times, but if we all do our part, that load will lighten, and the burden will no long feel as such.


The human race is at a cross road, we have choices to make, I hope and pray that we, as humanity, choose to do what is right, we choose to lower our wall and once again start to care for each other.


I fear for our humanity, I fear that we are letting it slip away from us, that we are in danger of becoming no greater then any other creature on this earth. If we do not start to participate in an active way in this thing we call life, we are in danger of no life at all to participate in.


God willing, and the human race cooperation, we will survive, and we will grow. But we can not sit on the side lines, and expect it to happen, we must, at all times, be an active participant in humanity.



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