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calledtoministry This past weekend I spent my time reading and listing to Catholic radio. Of course I cleaned the house, did my wash and other such tasks, but I spent a lot of time sitting and reading. It was nice, I have not had a lot of time to do that, or should I say I have not made time to do that.

Note: Cross posted from STATIC Youth’s Weblog.



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Ever had someone say something that just made you shake your head and ask yourself what was that, what just happened? Well sometimes that how life is, we just have to shake our heads and ask ourselves what just happened.

There are moments in life that I feel should not be explained, moments were we just accept life for what it is and move on. Many of the moments are special moments, moments that we are glad we are part of, moments that define us and create us.  And some moments we want to redo, to take back, or at least we thing we do.

The moments that define us are not only the positive moments, in-fact I would argue that it is the negative moments that truly define us.

It is said that you find your true friends in crisis, and based on experience, I would have to agree. It is in the moment of crisis that friendships are created, solidified or broken, and I have had all three happen.

It is said that leaders are born out of a crises, that in the moment of need the natural leader will emerge. We have seen it in times of war and person crisis. We witness it in times of tragedies’ and destruction. These leaders are quiet people who perform there daily tasks with pride and diligent. Riding the wave of life, until the tsunami hits, the crisis creates opportunity and the leader will emerge.

Crisis creates opportunity and opportunity creates defining moments.



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We all need a break every now and then, time to just to be, time not concern yourself with others or with things. Time just to allow… Allow what ever it is you need to allow.


Well I just had such a day, allowed the day to take me where it needed to, allowed me to just relax, allowed me to be as I wish. Now I am not saying that I am not always who I am, because I am, I do not have several faces of Paul, there is only one of me (and many would say thank God to that, I am sure). But there is a difference to a day when you have plans, you know places to be things to do, all that good stuff, and you allow that schedule to run your day and you. We all have days like that, in fact I would say that most of our days our like that, we have work demanding our time, kids needing to go to and fro and a thousand other things that need to get done. And once the weekend hits, now we have to get everything else we have not done all week done on the weekend. And on Monday it starts all over again. UGH! Does it ever end?


Well yes it does end, if you allow it, if you stop the cycle and you allow the day just to happen. Now granted you can’t very well show up to work when ever you want, and yes the kids need to get to and fro, but other parts of your life can be allowed just to happen.


I find that the best days I have are days that I just putts around, doing a little of this and a little of that. The this may be cleaning the house, and the that is taking a nap. No rush to clean the house and no rush to take that nap, I just allow it to happen. The house gets cleaned and the nap takes place, but I didn’t plan either and if one didn’t happen, there is always the next day.


Life is too short to make every task a major priority; life is too special to plan it all out, to be on the run all the time, to make everything a priority.


If everything is a priority in your life, then in truth nothing is a priority. If cleaning the house is a top priority and so is your child, if taking the dogs for a walk and taking out the garbage is the same priority, if cleaning the toilet and cooking dinner hold the same ranking… Life has tasks, life has priorities life has rankings, we need to place everything in its proper place, give it its proper ranking, not everything can be priority number 1, then nothing is really more important then the other, your child holds the same ranking as your toilet, the dog the same as the garbage?


We need to learn to allow life to just happen, we need to allow ourselves the freedom to let things be. We need to learn that life is a gift to be lived, and that cleaning the toilet is not living, but walking the dog is.


So how do we learn this, by making a list of course…


List you daily task, then rank them from 1 to 10, with 10 being highest priority and one being the lowest. Keep in mind that you not have all number tens, nor can everything be 1’s. Life is a mix, a little of this and a little of that, and I would venture to guess that most things in your life are not number 10’s, but more like 4’s or 5’s.


I can hear you now, “What do you know, you don’t live my life, I got this, and that, and so and so depends on me for this and that…” and the argument goes on. You are correct I don’t know your life, but I can bet its not as you state it, I can bet that you place it all on yourself. So here is what I would tell you “Get over yourself, your not that important, none of us are”.


So create your list and be honest with it, and you will see that life is really not that demanding, lots of stuff can wait, and we have plenty of time to just allow life to happen. And if you do allow life just to happen I guarantee that you will be happier and healthier and believe it or not, you will get more done. The house will be cleaned, the nap will have been taken, the dog walked the kids driven and the all the rest.



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