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Today I am finding it hard to stimulate my mine and find something I want to write about. I have read a few online articles, and nothing, I have looked at my save ideas to write about list, and I have used them all already and now I am just at a loss, even the inspirational e-newsletters I get gave me no great ideas. What am I to do?

Sometimes it’s just that way, it seems like nothing will come to you. You’re talking to your child about sex or drug use, and the words seem to fail you, you’re talking to your friend about your faith life and you sound like an idiot. It happens to all of us, and today is one of those days for me, nothing has inspired me, as of yet. Who knows, maybe by the end of the day I will have my great thought of the day, but as of now, nothing.

I heard some great lines on my way in to work this morning, but I can’t remember them, so they are of no help, and yes I did see some interesting articles online, but really they would be better used for my other blog, www.staticyouth.wordpress.com, so I filed them away for latter.

So what is one to do? I have this blog just sitting here, I fell I must say something, not because I thing you all are just waiting for my words of wisdom, or your life will just end, no, I know that’s not true. I only get about 130 or so visitors a day on this blog, so I know that I am not writing the nest great blog. So why is it I feel a need to write something, why is it I feel that this blog is important?

Interesting questions and who knows I may even spend some time thinking about them, but most likely I won’t. In truth the answers are not important to me; I think I would write this blog if only one person read it. I don’t write it for others, I write it for me. In some way it is easier to write to someone else all the things I need to do to fix my life. All the advice I state here in this blog is really for me, to help me become a new and better part of the human race.

Yes I am glad and even humbled that others find use in what I have to say, but that is not my driving force. Yes I love to help others, it’s what I do best, but in the end, it is I who is helped the most. So maybe that is the driving force, the reason I feel a need to write and a need not to write, for any regular reader of this blog knows that I sometimes go a week without a post, or longer depending on my travels.  But is it really because I am out of the country, or is it because I have no real need to write? I think it’s a little bit of both.

Well here is to hoping I have something to say tomorrow, maybe I will be inspired (In Spirit) and I will write some life changing blog for all the world to read.


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Change your life in one minute….

Good starter line don’t you think? What could you possibly do in one minute that will change your life? In truth, a lot! But I will give you one idea, one simple quick idea:

Think positive about your day for 60 seconds before you get out of bed. Just lay there and think of all the positive things you can do or that will happen to you for just this one day.

See, easy as can be, no reading, no homework, just thinking. What could be easer? And it only takes 60 seconds, one small minute. And trust me, it will work. Our own outlook on life, on our day has a huge impact on how it turns out. Our own thought process plays a major role in not only how we see things, but also how those around us see things. So by spending 60 seconds thinking positive thoughts will affect the rest of your day, and all around you.

The power of positive thinking should not be overlooked, Dr. Wayne Dyer has write numerous books on the subject, he talks about the power of positive thinking, and how it can change your life. I have read him and must agree, a positive thought has much more energy than a negative one. Positive energy will carry us on our way, a negative one will hold us down.

The bible even talks about the power of positive thoughts, the story of not concerning ourselves with life, God will care for us, so why concern ourselves with it. You all know the story; Jesus is using the bird and lilies of the fields as an example. Jesus is telling us, think positively, God will care for your needs, if you allow him to. And how do we allow him to do so, but not concerning ourselves with negative thoughts.

So give it a try, just spend 60 seconds, one small minute of your day, your morning and think positive thoughts of how your day is going to turn out. Don’t concern yourself with tomorrow or the next day, just think about today and all the positive things going on in your life. They are there, nothing is ever total gloom and doom, and there is always a positive, even if it comes from a negative. But remember we project energy, either a negative or a positive; it is up to us; so why not make is positive?


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Take a moment and think about the last big decision you had to make, was it an on the spot decision, or did you take your time thinking about it? Most of the time if it is a big decision we want to take a little bit of time, to look at the positives and negatives of it. We want to discover the benefits or know the risks.

Well the same should be said for choosing who you are going to offer your gifts to. God gave each one of us gifts, gifts to use as we see fit. And like any gift we receive we don’t want to waste it, or give it to just anyone.

Discernment, a big word meaning to seek, to find. You will use the process to help you determine what your gifts from God are, and who should benefit from your gifts.

· Discernment is similar to thinking it over, but it goes much deeper than that, it involves not only facts, but also God. You must always place God in to the equation when you are discerning.

· Discernment is a process, and can take time to complete, it involves research, prayer and listening to yourself and to God. When you discern something, you will also seek advice and guidance from others that you trust, your parents or faith guide, your priest or a good friend.

· Discernment has to be done with an open heart, that is where prayer comes in, in prayer you will ask God to help guide you, allowing the Holy Spirit to whisper Gods voice in your heart.

· Discernment is an  on going process, one that is never truly complete. You may have decided what you want to do, but now you have to determine how or when or who. Discernment in not a one time process, but rather it is a life long and life changing process.

The saints learned the importance of discernment, the power it has to alter their lives, and to bring them closer to God.

Like any other new skill, it will take you time to learn how to discern, but with Gods help and the Holy Spirit whispering in your heart, you will.




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 Key #5 Thinking Change

You must change the way you think… No matter what your actions are, if your thought is the same old defeating thought, you will not change… Think yourself new… A very simple concept, change the way you think, but very hard to do!

I can change my “outside” thoughts with no problem, convincing everyone that I am a positive thinker, but if the “inside” thought remains the same, nothing has changed.

So what is the inside and outside thought? And how do I change them….

Outside thoughts:

The outside thought is the ones that we project to others, the ones we wish to share with them, its the public front we all put out there. It may or may not represent what we really think. It is sometimes used as a mask, a cover up for all to see who we wish them to see.

The inside thought is the true thought, the authentic thought. We are not always willing to share it, nor are we always aware that it exist.

We can sometimes convince ourselves the the outside is what is true, and ignore or suppress the inside. So how do we make our inside thought our outside thought, how do we turn all the nice little sayings we use on the outside, in to reality on the inside.

Through deep conversion and deep internal conversations. It is not an over night thing, we can not just learn a new sating, or technique and expect it to grab hold deep with in, and change us. It is a process of going deep, and a process of conviction.

Journaling, prayer, meditation are all good tools to help you along the road, each of them allow you to go deep with in, to find that thought and lead it out. The conviction you hold deep with in, serves no one, not even yourself unless it is also outside, projected in all you do.

A person who holds all convection’s inside, never letting them see the light of day, is serving no one, and the convection will not grow, with out the light of day, and will eventually die, still inside.

Learn to look deep with in, and to allow your convictions to come to the surface, to see and be seen.

Journal on your trips to the inside, keep a record of your feeling and thoughts, use this experience to help plant new seeds of convictions.

Pray for a converstion of heart, pray for the change you are seeking, allow the power of God to wok in your life

Meditate on the change you are seeking, clear your mind, and use this time to feed the seeds of conversion you have planted

Catch phrases are nice, and they sell, but they are only outside thoughts until you have planted them deep within, and made your inside thought and outside thoughts one in the same.


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