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Just a few random thoughts and views expressed here…

The heat wave of 2010 is here, and in Michigan we have been feeling it, with the temps in the upper 90’s but feeling like the 100’s. It’s been a  hot few days, but it looks like it is over, for now. The stupidity of some people never stops amazing me, just the other day on the news was a story of a grandmother who left her three year old grandson in the car, in a

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Ralph Waldo Emerson: Hope Quotations
We judge a man’s wisdom by his hope.

Mr. Emerson hits it on the head, do we think of a person who is done on hope as wise? I think not, but rather the one full of hope must know more then I.

Hope is sometimes all we have, it is the last resort for many, and sometimes is the only resort, we use hope to bridge the gape between the known and unknown.

Hope is the great inspiration, it frees our thought and our heart, it opens the doors of opportunity. Hope springs eternal.



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