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You ever feel like you just need to empty everything out of your mind or even your life? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a trash can like our computers do, just select elements to send to the trash, and then with a click of a mouse, it’s gone!


That seems like a great idea, bad day at work, no problem, select à send to trash and its gone, like it was never there. Don’t like what your kids just did, select à send to trash, your spouse get you mad, select à send to trash…


Life would be great… Or would it?


What a lot of people don’t know is that when you delete that document, photo or other file off your computers hard drive, its not truly gone, it’s still there as a phantom, a ghost of it self.  And id the file was corrupt or bad, it still can bring havoc down the road.


Much like life, that bad day at work, you sent it to the trash, but no one else did, and yep, it’s still in your hard drive, in the corners of your mind. It sits there, waiting to bring havoc, waiting to come out of the corner and show it self once again.


So may be a select à send to trash option is not such a good thing, maybe it would be better to deal with the issue, maybe it would better to confront the problem then to delete it.


I too thought it would be a nice idea to have a select à send to trash option, in-fact when I first started this blog that was the direction I was going to go, but conventional wisdom kicked in, and the realization that we can not truly delete anything from our minds, and like the hard drive, it will kick me in the butt someday, so we are better off to just deal with it, and allow it to teach us and help us grow.



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 The last few days I have been working my but off.  You may remember that I, along with 2 other partners owned a Catholic Gift Shop, and we a had to close up, Well over the past few days we have been having a garage sale, trying to clearance over 40 boxes of merchandise. 


What a pain it is to set up, and take down each day, my garage is packed with stuff, there is no room to move, it takes us 40 minutes each morning to set it all out again, and yesterday we had to do it twice, you see we set up once and no sooner did we get it all out, it started to rain, so we had to put it all back…. Then later that day it cleared all up and we set it all out again… UGGGGG, what a lot of work!


Delays in life are part of life, and yes life is a lot of work. How often do we set up our life, get it just as we want it, and BAM life starts to rain on us, so we put it all back and wait it out…. UGGGG, what a lot of work!


Life has a funny way of doing that, once you think you got it, you no sooner learn that you really don’t have it. You think its all set, you can move on and the rain rolls in and you rush around to cover it all up, pack it back in the boxes they came from and place them back in the garage of your mind, waiting  for the rain to end and the sun  to shine once again.


But all too often we just leave it packed away because it’s to much work to unpack all the memories. The pain we felt once, we will have to feel again, the joy we once new, we will once again have to relive, along with all the other emotions, and all to often that is just to much work, to painful…. UGGG, what a lot of work!


After the rain cleared we once again set up the garage sale, yes it was a lot of work, but it was worth it, and yes we had to put it all away, and yes we will be taking it all out again today, and yes we will but it all back tonight… UGGGGG what a lot of work, but each time it gets easier, each time it’s less and less stuff, and to tell the truth, it feels good to see the stuff going, to see less and less stuff to repack.


Much like life, each time we unpack our life, the easer it will get, and each time we repack it, to place it all back in the boxes put them back in to spaces of our mind it will get easier, and yes we will learn to enjoy the process and we will grow and gain much knowledge about ourselves.


But… UGGGG what a lot of work!



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  1. Can I really be happy in a world that is so messed up?
  2. Can I really change in a world that expects me to act a certain way?
  3. Can I really work hard and enjoy life?
  4. Can things really be a simple as some say and as difficult as others believe?
  5. Can mind over matter really make me a better person?
  6. Can positive thing positively make me change?
  7. Can I work on change, but still be the same?
  8. Can reading self-help books and blogs really make a difference?
  9. Can one deep breath really cleanse me of all bad feelings and emotions?
  10. Can I really change?


The ten questions can all be answered with one word YES! Yes you can change just because you want to, in a world gone bad (and really it has not gone bad), and yes you can use mind over matter, and yes reading my blog can help…


Change is a state of mind; it is a condition of the heart. Nothing is beyond our reach; all we have to do is stretch ourselves…


Life truly is what you make of it, and I believe that with my whole being, it is my essence, and my mantra of life.


So start today, and make life what you want it to be, just keep in mind, that others are doing the same, so we have to allow our beingness to interact with there beingness.



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